Introduction of Fluid Storage Tank in Heat Transfer Fluid Heating System
Source:Views:103Release time:2017-09-27

Installation of oil storage tank is essential in heat transfer fluid heating system. Oil storage tank is used to store the minimum quantity of adding fluid and is also used to rapidly discharge system hot oil in emergency accident. If there are any system leakages, system fluid which has the risk to be leaked out should be discharged into oil storage tank. 

Oil storage tank should be installed when the system fluid volume is over 1m3. The most common type is horizontal oil storage tank. 

For system with huge fluid volume, it is better to divide system pipelines and devices into several reasonable areas with valves. When system failure occurs, shut off the accident area valves to separate this area from others and only discharge this area hot oil to storage tank. The minimum volume of this system oil storage tank should be the sum of the fluid volume in the biggest system divided area and the proper system fluid adding volume. 

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