Great Performance of SCHULTZ® Heat Transfer Series
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Heat transfer fluid has been used in various fields, including petroleum process, chemistry, textile industry, printing and synthetic fiber manufacture, plastic, food making, pharmaceutical, machining and rubber industries, through decades’ development. 

Heat transfer fluid heating system has following advantages compared with traditional steam heating system:

  • Heat transfer fluid heating system is the closed circuit system and with high reflux temperature fluid directly flowing into heating furnace without thermal loss.

  • Thermal efficiency of heat transfer fluid system is about 30% higher than traditional steam heating system due to the different structures.

  • Heat transfer fluid system costs less than traditional steam heating system due to its excellent performance of low pressure high temperature.

The heat transfer fluid is an excellent thermal medium with a wide operating temperature range, which meets both high temperature heating and low temperature cooling requirements. As the heat transfer fluid has following advantages, widely used in industrial manufacturing:

  • Good distributed heat transfer

  • Easy to use

  • Precise temperature control;

  • Energy saving and environmental protection

  • Efficient and safe

  • High temperature and low system pressure;

  • Low demand for equipment

  • Not subject to geographical restrictions

SCHULTZ® heat transfer series has wide operation temperature range of -75℃~400. Based on the international advanced processing equipments and high quality self-owned raw materials, SCHULTZ® heat transfer series has great thermal stability, high thermal efficiency and long service life. Compared to traditional mineral oil, SCHULTZ® high temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid has advantages of wider operation temperature range, no coking, longer service life and renewability. 

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