Features of Heat Transfer Fluid Furnace
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Heat transfer fluid furnace is the forced circulation heating device in fluid system, which is consisted of combustion apparatus, furnace body and other relative controller, venting device and circulation pump. Fuels of fluid furnace could be coal, heating oil, natural gas and electricity. Heat transfer fluid in system is heated by furnace and transferred to heat consumption units by circulation pump repeatedly.

Main features of heat transfer fluid furnace are high temperature, low pressure, safety and high efficient, energy saving and environmental friendly.

Heat transfer fluid system is equipped with completed operational controlling and safety monitoring devices to accurately control system operational temperature.

Heat transfer furnace also has advantages of compact structure, small occupied space and simple installation, short building period and low cost, which is suitable for small and medium size heating system.

There is no risk of fire hazard or exploding potential in normal operation. Heat transfer fluid furnace is effective, safe and has low or no negative environmental impact.


Operator shall pay attention to fluctuations of system inlet and outlet pressure, temperature difference of circulated fluid and liquid level of system expansion tank.

Periodic inspection is necessary to detect system leakage. Pay attention to system pipeline and auxiliaries, especially pipe joint, welding connection and flange. Fire protection equipment should be placed around system furnace.

Periodic on-use fluid sample analysis helps detect fluid degradation and build rational operation and management measures. System fluid should be replaced if the on-use fluid analysis results reach the scrapping standard

Effective emergency measures are necessary to protect fluid system from emergency situation.

Before operating system, operator should accept professional training and pass the related examination. Operator shall strictly stick to the system operation standard and report abnormal situation immediately.

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