Importance of Periodic Testing of Heat Transfer Fluid
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Periodic Testing

Heat transfer fluid is the well-performed heat transfer medium playing important role in many industrial manufactures. However, many users are lack of specialized knowledge and operate system improperly, which speeds up fluid deterioration and shortens fluid service life, increasing production costs. Periodic testing of in-use fluid is the crucial measure to keep system in good condition. 

Necessity of Periodic Testing

Periodic testing of in-use fluid can directly detect system abnormal condition and malfunctions.

For example, system fluid will be exposed to air when there is no inert gas protection of expansion tank, leading to fluid oxidation and deterioration. Especially when the temperature of expansion tank is extremely high, the fluid oxidation rate and deteriorating rate will increase enormously. 

The degradation rate of fluid and system operation temperature has the exponential relationship when fluid temperature is higher than its maximum operation temperature, which is when the fluid temperature increase 10 and the degradation rate will double. When the temperature of furnace tube is beyond fluid film temperature, fluid degradation rate will increase greatly, causing tube coking which is the culprit of system fire blast. 

Furthermore, system oxidation, fluid contamination and over-standard water content will also adversely impact system stability. Periodic testing is the necessary method to find system problems and keep system in high efficient and safe operation. 

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