What is the Food Grade Heat Transfer Fluid
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According to the food processing regulations, facilities, raw materials and additives used in food processing shall comply with the supervision requirements which demand suppliers of all these materials shall be certified by food grade.

Then how the suppliers get the food grade certificate for?

According to the FDA regulations, materials complying with following requirements are certified as food grade:

A.       Not releasing any components harmful to human body;

B.       No unacceptable food component changes;

C.       Not decreasing product sensory characteristics (flavor, smell and color of food);

The heating and drying processes in food processing require heat. Compared to the traditional steam heating, heat transfer fluid is more energy saving and better cost performance based on fluid circulation operation, making heat transfer fluid is widely used in food manufactures.

Food manufacturers used ordinary fluid due to the capital cost. However, with the development of food processing regulations, manufacturers are required to use environmental friendly and safe fluid. Food grade fluid replace the ordinary fluid in food processing gradually.

SCHULTZ® S718 is certified by NSF as HT-1 food grade fluid that can occasionally contacts with food, complying with the food contact material test requirements of FDA 21 CFR 178.3750.  

The odorless and colorless SCHULTZ® S718 is the highly refined cycloalkane fluid, which has no harm to human body and is more suitable for food processing requirements.

SCHULTZ® S718 has better thermal stability than straight-chain paraffin fluid and almost has no impurities. The natural anti-coking ability effectively decreases system maintenance. Fluid can be stably used in 320℃ for a long-term and is suitable for most food processing industries. SCHULTZ® S718 has higher thermal stability than ordinary mineral oils and has less harm to facility and longer service life. 

Food Processing

Nontoxic and odorless SCHULTZ® S718 is the best choice for food processing industry as it guarantees the safety of food and also provides good working environment for workers.


Pharmaceutical Industry

SCHULTZ® S718 properties of odorless, nontoxic and green completely meet the strict requirement of pharmaceutical manufacture. Its excellent heat transfer performance satisfies several stages of pharmaceutical production including synthesis, refining, extraction and concentration.


Machinery Industry

SCHULTZ® S718 is used as heat transfer medium for electroplating, heat treatment, spray and other drying processes in machinery industry as SCHULTZ® S718 has longer service life and excellent thermal properties.

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